About us

Topsail is an argentine private company created and settled in Buenos Aires City, in December 2000.

The company was founded by Enrique Turcato after decades of working in the maritime business. With a full service and commitment policy in mind and firmly convinced that a dedicated and professional service was needed to improve the maritime services in a more globalized and complex world, Enrique, Estela and Diego Turcato decided in the year 2000 to embark on the Topsail adventure. Having always been a family driven company focused on the direct contact with the client, Topsail has positioned itself among the most renowned Maritime Agencies of Argentina.

We are with you

We are ready to assist you and fulfill your needs. We know the business.

The team

Enrique A. Turcato

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Estela Souza

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Diego E. Turcato

Chief Financial Officer & Legal Counsel (CFO)

Pablo De Luca


Natalie Popik


We mind your own business


Topsail provides services as Ship Agent, Ship Broker and International Trader. The Company provides its services in all the of Argentina and Uruguay, properly authorized to work all along the country without restriction. Since day one, Topsail has been chosen by its clients from all over the World not only because of our knowledge of the market and the maritime business, but also because of our full service and commitment policy. Such policy has been our trademark from the start, always focused on addressing all our clients needs whenever they do business in Argentina. All our clients rely on our services and experience when they have to deal with our Country's authorities and regulations.

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all_inclusive As ship agents

we have our own net of local subagents in every port involved in each process for the best provision of our Service. Those subagents perform their duties under our direct control and on the clock supervision. Every and each one of them has been chosen not only because of their expertise and suitability, but also, and most importantly, for sharing our full service philosophy.

call_missed_outgoing As ship brokers

We intervene in "line" or regular traffic activities and in tramp trades as well . In the competitive market we are connected with colleagues from all over the world and with ship owners, operators and direct charterers.

Our most outstanding areas involve cereals, minerals, iron and steel products, cold store freights, rolling materials and project cargoes. Also we offer our clients the possibility of providing/ coordinating inland transportations, warehousing, transfer and stevedoring services.

done_all As traders

This Service allows us to remain closely related to the different Argentine domestic market companies and, at the same time, to follow up international markets in search of the best prices for the products offered.

Some of our principals